8 Replies to “Ask A Stallion Groom 9/14/16”

  1. I had the opportunity to spend time with Take Charge Indy last year. Is he still as sweet and loving as he was then?

  2. Do the grooms feel spiritual feedback from the boys? How can they tell if a stallion is feeling off or feeling fantastic? How would they alert someone if they feel that their boy is having a problem?

  3. Have you ever had persons with illnesses gain some improved health benefits from being around your horses? I feel improvement in health; have you heard any other people say they can feel healing spirit from your horses? hx

  4. How do you think the riding improves the mental health of the stallions? While I have visited other farms with some famous stallions, I have been told that they would never ride their stallions, too dangerous for the stallions and their boys might get hurt. I always mention that WinStar’s boys seem to love being ridden. The other farms reply that there is too much of a chance for injury. Please reply to this. I think your boys LOVE being ridden. You know me, WinStar is number one, bar none! hugs, helen

  5. How often is your peppermint supply stocked, where do they come from and about how many do you think the barn goes through in one day between visitors and guests?

  6. When The Stallions Have Their Bath….Is It Just Water Or Do You Use Soap And If So, What Kind Of Soap Do You Use On Them?? 🙂

  7. Does Larry Or Any Of The Grooms Keep In Touch With How The Stallions Are Doing, While They Are Away In South America & Australia?? 🙂

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