Foaling Barn Updates 2/6/17

I am bringing you updates on the foals you missed being born in the camera stalls this past weekend. It’s an unseasonably warm and sunny day here on the farm, and the new-borns are enjoying some lazy naps in the sunshine. I also added a few extras I thought you all would enjoy!

10 Replies to “Foaling Barn Updates 2/6/17”

  1. Thank You Heather For Sharing All These Precious New Births With Us, Shame We Missed Seeing Three Of Them……..But Knew It Couldn’t Be Helped!!! 🙂 Nice To See You Are Having Wonderful Weather – Where As Here On The West Coast, Woke Up To Quite A Bit Of Rare Snow, Yikes!!!!! 🙂

      1. As Well As The Weight For Ready To Act Heather – Can You Also Find Out The Weight For Moonbow & Boss Barney’s Babe’s New Foals?? Thank You Ahead For Them!! 🙂

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