6 Replies to “Ask A Stallion Groom 1/3/17”

  1. I am glad that we’ll get to watch Super Saver on the cams but I’ve enjoyed watching Exaggerator-Mr. Neatnik- and will miss seeing him!!

  2. Thank you for including Spots in the video. Also am thrilled to hear that Super Saver will be directly across from Tiznow. Love watching those two communicate (or at least it seems so:).

  3. Loved this segment. Always wondered what quarantine was like. Izzy, thank you for sharing this part of the shuttled stallions world with us. Thrilled to hear that Super Saver will be back on web cam. Fun to watch Super and Tizzy communicating.

  4. Fantastic job Izzy with the Go Pro. Great to see the boys back and looking good. Glad to see Super Saver is getting back to his camera stall.

  5. Great video!! Thanks, Izzy!! I figured Exaggerator was the neat one. His piles are always in the same spot! Love seeing the stallions outside!!

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