Jeff’s Journals 1/17/19

Tune in for this weeks update at the Foaling Barn and get the answers to this weeks questions. Also, next week we will be doing a giveaway on Jeff’s Journals. Open to everyone! Send in your question (1 per person) for your chance to win a WinStar prize!


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6 Replies to “Jeff’s Journals 1/17/19”

  1. Heather and Jeff, Would it be possible at some point to see a video of all the stuff that is stocked in the foaling cart? Just wondering what all is needed to cover various foaling situations… Thanks!

  2. Although not common, if a foal was born in December, what year is it considered born in? Does it automatically turn 1 year old January 1 even though it’s only a few days old?

    Thank you for the videos!

  3. I love the mare to the left, so calm and waiting for her close-up! Do the mares, as they get really close to their due-dates, like going outside or do they prefer to stay in? Thanks for these videos!

  4. What goes into the decision to retire a broodmare and in your opinion what age does a broodmare produce her best foals?

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