7 Replies to “Ask A Stallion Groom Questions for 2/27/19”

  1. Do any of the boys not care for peppermints? Are those cookies or muffins, or ? The birthday boys are given?

  2. I know the grooms do an excellent job handling all of the stallions, but has one ever escaped from his stall or paddock? If so, what did he do?

  3. I notice the yoke on Daredevil’s stall is always up. I know they are up for various reasons like tour groups, but his is up all the time. Is he one who will try to take a nip out of anyone in close proximity, or is there another reason?

  4. How close in personality are half-brothers Fed Biz and Carpe Diem?
    I love watching Izzy and Veronica with the horses; their love of their charges shows so clearly.
    Is the stallions’ feed different during breeding season? Thank you.

  5. I look at the stallions and they are beautifully groomed.! Why are stallions groomed daily and mares are not? I’m not complaining, just curious. Is it because breeders come to look at them? Thank-you!

  6. I saw Izzy hug one of the Feb. 25 Birthday Boys – either Always Dreaming or Fed Biz. Is a hug given quickly
    and with caution or do some of the Stallions really like it?

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