3 Replies to “Ask A Stallion Groom Questions for 2/6/19”

  1. oops! I forgot one, Heather.
    In last weeks video, Commissioner seemed to have a real sweet eye/expression. Is he a sweetheart?

  2. Last week’s video left me with lots of questions!!
    How many stallion barns does Winstar have?
    Are there cams in all stallion barns?
    Do Stablemates get to see cams (if any) from other barns?
    Do tours at Winstar include all stallion barns?
    Did Rev get re-assigned to a new stall/barn because his bookings were lower? (I miss seeing Rev and Always Dreaming’s head bobs).
    When putting stallions in new stalls, do you take into consideration the personalities of surrounding stallions?
    In last week’s video, Daredevil and Good Samaritan had their head gates closed. What determines whether the stallion’s head gate is closed?
    I’m sure you will love this post, Heather (lol). Perhaps space these questions over a few weeks!! Thank you.

  3. I’m wondering how you get rid of dew poisoning and how do you control it when a stallion is out in the wet snow or grass? Can this condition lead to more serious issues w/ a stallion’s feet (hooves)? Or is it just a minor rash? Thank-you!

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