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  1. I’ll chime in with so many others to thank you for letting us ask questions and providing us with so much information on your mares and foals! My question for today (and it looks like you already have a bunch of questions so if mine needs to wait for next week that’s fine): Are mares and foals turned out together simply based on foals’ ages or do you also have to consider personalities of the mares?

  2. Jeff, can you tell us the weight of Ready to Act’s colt born on camera 2? Thanks.

    Question #2. I see the mares have their halters and it looks like an additional collar on them also.
    Is that just a part of the halter or separate? If separate, what is it used for? Thanks.

  3. Another question… My understanding is that foals are usually weaned between 4 – 6 months… When are your foals typically weaned? Is it the same for all of them, or do you decide case by case when the time is right? Also, if the mare encounters her offspring months or even years later — do they still recognize one another?

  4. Jeff, thanks for such detailed answers in your latest segment – so interesting! A question about the American Pharoah foal we saw in cam stall #1 morning of 3/1 (born 2/28)… During his AM vet check, his right hind leg was wrapped below the hock. Wondered why… And if he is doing ok? (-Julie)

  5. Why were they milking the mare with the Classic Empire colt born on camera 1 on March 1 (but we were
    watching on the 2nd.)

  6. One more (sorry) I just saw a picture of Beholder at the Claiborne breeding shed and wondered where her baby was that she had foaled recently? Do the foals travel with the mares when they are being bred again? Thank-you!

  7. Great information as always Jeff! Thanks for answering my question about Merry Meadow and Room For Me. I wonder if they shared race stories when they were in the same paddock! They did race each other at least once, in the 2015 Ballerina.

  8. This is fantastic! I’m learning so much from your talks, Jeff. Remind me why you don’t display the names of the client mares. Is it a legal issue, courtesy, or something else? Do you have the same clients year after year? Thanks so much for your time.

  9. Fabulous video Jeff (and Heather)! Thank you so much!!! Listening to you spurred some additional questions I’ve had over the years.

    1. You’ve mentioned Quiet Kim so much that, I, as well, would love to see a segment with her! But my question is about mares with great mothering instinct (or repeated poor mothers) — in your experience, have you ever seen them pass that aptitude, or lack thereof, to their daughters? As a show dog breeder I’ve often seen that in bitches so I was curious.

    2. Knowing so many drugs pass into milk from dam to baby, is there a limit of pain medication or other drugs you do not do at the farm and send the them to the clinic for? A lot of times we’ve seen very painful moms (and thankfully your very well trained staff always makes sure baby gets a bottle if needed and mom is monitored), but I just wondered if there was ever times where you just couldn’t manage uncomplicated post-partum pain for a mare.

    3. Last question was kind of a follow up to what someone else asked a couple weeks ago and planning matings for mares, their questions were about clients, but I wondered about WinStar owned mares. Do you ever make observations that you pass on to the powers that be about what you see in foals from mares year to year, as far as strengths or weaknesses in conformation, etc, that the mare seems to routinely pass on to her foals at birth or things you see as little babies? Are there ever any questions those that planning matings have of you about the young foals and mares? I know you had shared some of your favorite foals you’ve seen that have passed through, and that also made me wonder. Times when you saw a foal and though “WOW” or “I’m a little worried about the way this one looks”.

    Thank you again for always taking the time to answer questions and thank you for putting so many mares in the camera stalls this year (most of whom have been thoughtful enough to deliver at a decent hour lol)! It’s been really exciting!!!

  10. Excellent video! I feel like we’re in a really good, informative class w/ an awesome teacher! My questions for next week: How is the Practical Joke foal doing now? What is a “red bag” delivery? And, do you ever deliver any of the foals? Thank-you so much! I’m really enjoying these videos.

  11. Very informative segment. It would be great to see a segment on Quiet Kim as a nurse mare mama.

    What is the earliest gestational age that a foal coming early has of surviving and what kind of health problems might it experience later on?

  12. Another great “online” class on mares and babies!! Thank you Jeff for all the interesting information!

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