Ask A Stallion Groom Questions for 3/6/19

Get your questions in by Wednesday March 6th at 12PM EST and we will have them answered for you in a video that afternoon!  Fed Biz wants to know what you would ask a stallion groom?

6 Replies to “Ask A Stallion Groom Questions for 3/6/19”

  1. When I’ve watched stallions being groomed, they seem pretty well behaved. Have any kicked at the grooms when being groomed at the back end. Which ones were most likely to misbehave during grooming? Thank you.

  2. you’re short on questions so I have another; may not be in this segment but here it is: Which of the stallions, if any, put a real strong stamp (mini-me) on their progeny. Do some stallions throw fillies more than colts, or vice versa? Thanks.

  3. This is a grooming question again. The stallions look gorgeous going into the breeding shed. Do the mares get cleaned up at all before their “date”? Have any of your stallions ever turned their nose up at a mare and, if so, what do you do?

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