Ensider 6/22/18

Tune in to catch up on whats happening with some of WinStar’s race horses and whats next for them, including Justify.

E-nsider 6/1/18

Tune in to hear how Justify is doing from his exercise rider, Humberto.


Elliott: This is Umberto, Justify’s exercise rider for E-Insider this week.  Just want to let you guys see how well he is doing so I want to ask you [Umberto] how he is doing.

Humberto: Justify is doing great.  He knows the track, he loves the track and he goes over it very, very well.

Elliott: What about before Preakness to now.  Do you see any difference in how he is training?

Humberto: Well, I think he is very, very energetic right now.  Obviously we’ve been easy with him and everything but he stills has a punch.

Elliott: So when everyone is concerned about him winning by only half a length in the Preakness and maybe he is getting tired, you don’t see that.

Humberto: No, I don’t see that.  I think it’s going to help a lot that we have 3 weeks right now so he is going to be in shape.

Elliott: So what’s his move for you that you’ve got to watch out for?

Humberto: You know, right now since we’ve been going easy every time he takes off he starts bucking and wants to go.  He’s like, “Let me go! Let me more!”

Elliott: So he likes to buck.

Humberto: Yes, he likes to buck.

Elliott: So where does he like to buck?

Humberto: In the beginning and in the middle when he feels good, that’s when he bucks and he wants to do more.  He’s letting you know, “I need to do more.”

Elliott: Good.  Well, there’s Justify coming, cooling out.  Look at him looking at Humberto, he’s like “let’s go again.”  He wants to go again.

Humberto: Trust me, today he just wanted to go.

Elliott: Well that’s great.  Thank you Humberto, you’re doing a great job with him.

Humberto: Thank you guys for the opportunity.