E-nsider – Week 1

Post all your questions below for a chance to be selected and receive an answer from Elliott on Friday, October 24th!

Distorted Humor feels fresh!
Distorted Humor feels fresh!

Introducing: E-nsider

Welcome back!

With Fall upon us I have been feeling the need for a change, so I decided to give the old E!News a face lift. Giulia and I kicked a few ideas around, and after she said “Who wouldn’t love to pick your brain if they had the chance?” we finally came up with the concept of “E-nsider”.

We want to offer our highest Graded StableMates Members the exclusive opportunity to get “E-nsider” access to all things WinStar, and to hear it from the mouth of the top horse himself.

It is very simple. Look out for the E-nsider post every Monday, that will be your space to submit your questions for me. I will pick a couple of questions each week and I will post the answers on Friday.
You know you don’t want to miss THAT!

So start racking your brain: what will YOU ask Elliott Walden now that you have the chance?